Are you Experiencing Problems with your Internet?
Your first call should be to the Internet Help Desk at 218-354-2222. The Help Desk is staffed 24/7/365. Your call will help trained staff to determine if it a system-wide problem.


Pricing and Plans

* Business 1 up to (125MB down / 125MB up) = $99.95 with phone line / $109.95 without phone line
* Business 2 up to (250MB down / 250MB up) = $119.95 with phone line / $129.95 without phone line
* Business 3 up to (500MB down / 500MB up) = $159.95 with phone line / $169.95 without phone line
* Business 4 up to (1GB down / 1GB up) = $289.95 with phone line / $299.95 without phone line
** Local phone line is approximately $32 per month.


The City of Barnesville uses wireless routers which give you the option of connecting up to four wired devices and up to 40 wireless devices.

Customers may either rent or purchase a wireless router from the City. Customers also have the option of using their own router purchased at a favorite store.

  • Equipment rental, per month $4.95
  • Equipment purchase up to $140.00


High Speed Internet Installation Charge $185.00*
*Charge will be waived with 6 month contract

Barnesville Municipal Telephone is a member of the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) and must follow the NECA tariff requirements for Wholesale Broadband Pricing. Barnesville Broadband and Internet has set the High Speed Internet Service installation charge at $185.00. Occasionally the City will offer free installation for a limited period of time. To receive the free installation, customers must also sign a 6 month commitment. If you should drop the service before the end of the 6 months, they will be billed the $185.00 installation charge. To take advantage of the free installation promotion and/or to rent the router from Barnesville Broadband & Internet, customers must sign a letter of commitment.


DSL & Internet Service Application

Barnesville Network Management Policy

For specific questions or more information about High Speed Internet Service contact Guy Swenson, TEC Manager at (218) 354-2292 or (800) 354-2292.