Kava Family Splash Pad

The Kava Family Splash Pad is located at McGrath Park. It has ten different features suitable for children age 2 to 12. It is available free of charge for all to enjoy.

Hours: 10:00 am to Sunset

June 1st through the last Sunday in September (Weather Permitting)
The Splash Pad may be closed at any time due to weather, mainenance of equipment or other operational concerns.


  1. All persons using the Splash Pad do so at their own risk
  2. Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older), and must be supervised by that adult at all times.
  3. Running, undue roughness, horseplay and other undue disturbances are strictly prohibited.
  4. Splash Pad is designed for recreational purposes and not for bathing. Please refrain from using soaps, detergents and shampoos.
  5. Climbing or playing on components is not permitted.
  6. The City is not responsible for lost or stolen articles
  7. Infants must wear swim diapers or rubber pants without diapers. Cutoffs and street shoes are prohibited.
  8. Wheeled vehicles, except strollers, walkers and wheelchairs are not permitted in the Splash Pad area.
  9. No animals, except for service animals, are permitted in the Splash Pad area.
  10. Radios, audio equipment or other acoustic devices are only permitted when used in conjuntion with personal headsets.
  11. No glass containers of any kind are permitted. No drinks, candy, tobacco, popcorn, gum, alcohol, drugs or food of any kind are permitted.
  12. The use of profane language will not be tolerated.

Violation of the above rules will be grounds for immediate ejection from the Splash Pad area. Temporary or permanent suspension of use of the Splash Pad may result.