Garbage & Recycling

This Informational Booklet explains all the details of the program.


  • Residential – $23.78 month – One 64-gallon brown tote for garbage and One 96-gallon blue tote for recycling
  • Senior Rate – $22.24 month – One 64-gallon brown tote for garbage and One 96-gallon blue tote for recycling
  • Buy extra tags at City Hall – $2.00

Garbage Collection
The City of Barnesville has contracted with Fuchs Sanitation (Glyndon, MN) for garbage collection services. For specific questions on your garbage collection you may contact Fuchs Sanitation at 218.498.2875.

Garbage collection for the residential households is every Friday. Fuchs begins to pick up totes at homes 4:30 am. Residents that live in an apartment and are provided a dumpster by their landlord. Each home has received a 64-gallon brown tote for garbage and a 96-gallon blue tote for recycling. These are the only available sizes. A second tote is available for an additional monthly fee – contact Fuchs for cost. You may call Fuchs to pick up your tote if you choose not to recycle. There will not be any changes to your monthly garbage fees if you opt-out of recycling.

If your house does not have an alley, place your tote in front of your house away from obstacles. If you live along an alley, place your totes at either the north or south entrance of the alley or in front of your house, away from obstructions. Totes should be placed at your collection location on Thursday at 6 pm or later.

Residents may choose to store totes inside their garage, OR if you keep them outside, please place them either at the side or back of your home or garage, with closed lids, in such a manner as to not create a nuisance condition. Totes are to be stored appropriately by 8 pm on the collection day.

Curbside Recycling
Curbside Recycling for homes is every other week; the items that can be recycled curbside can be found on the sticker on the tote. The City is separated into two zones. Residents in Zone 1 are north of 2nd Avenue North SW/SE. The residents in Zone 2 are south of 2nd Avenue SW/SE. Please see the schedule to see what week to place your tote on the curb. See map and schedule for more information.

Barnesville residents can dispose of large items or extra garbage by purchasing a special tag at City Hall or the grocery store. The cost for the tag depends on the specific items. Contact Fuchs to schedule pick-up of large items.

Self-Service Recycling Center
205 Front Street North (across the street from Dobmeier Funeral Home)


  • Tuesday: 12:00-8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 12:00-8:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 8:00 am-12:00 pm

City staff will be onsite to offer direction, but you be required to sort your own recyclables into the appropriate bins. If you have questions, contact City Hall at 354-2292.


Aluminum Cans

Rinse, flatten. DO NOT MIX WITH TIN CANS.
NO foil, pie tins, lawn chairs, aluminum doors, or any other aluminum.

Tin/Steel/Bi-Metal Cans

Clean, remove labels, flatten if possible with lids inside of can.
NO paint cans, pesticide cans, car parts, or other scrap iron.

Glass Bottles & Jars

Clean, remove caps/lids/rings. Labels OK!

Metal lids go in with steel cans.

Sort by color: clear; brown/yellow; green/blue

NO opaque colored bottles and jars, lightbulbs, window glass, mirrors, dishes, drinking glasses, mugs, crystal, corning/pyrex/visionware, TV tubes, leaded glass, chemical/medicine bottles, test tubes, candle holders, or any other glass which is not a bottle or jar.

These materials will cause rejection of the entire load.

Plastic #1 & #2 Containers (# on bottom of bottle)

Clean, remove caps/rings/lids and discard, flatten.

#1 containers (clear/green soda bottles, salad dressings)
#2 containers (narrow-mouth bottles: i.e. milk jugs, orange juice, detergents, shampoos; wide-mouth containers: i.e. whip cream, margarine, some cottage cheese, etc.)

NO motor oil bottles, solvent or pesticide bottles, styrofoam, plastic cups, plastic bags and film, hard plastic (toys, pails, etc.), syringes, nor any #3 through #7 plastics.

Newspaper & Phone Directories

Stack in paper grocery bags, colored inserts OK! NO magazines, cardboard or any other paper mixed with news.

Newspaper must be free of food, paint, fish waste, etc.

Cardboard & Containerboard

Flatten, 3 ft. x 3 ft. maximum size, cut to size.

Corrugated cardboard: clean, non-waxed.
Containerboard: gray/brownboard (food, beverage)

NO pizza boxes or any other food-contaminated cardboard (i.e., milk, orange juice, raisins, etc.).

NO tinfoil-coated containers (i.e., potato chips, peanuts, etc.).

Magazines, Junk Mail, Scrap Paper

Glossy and non-glossy magazines, catalogues, TV guides, school papers, junk mail, envelopes, birthday and holiday cards without glitter or foil.

NO plastic bags, plastic cards, books, spiral notebooks and calendars (unless spiral is removed), facial tissue, paper plates, paper towels, fast food containers

The following materials are also accepted at the Recycling Center. Special fees apply as noted below and are to be paid at the Recycling Center.


(without rim)
Fee applies.

Major Appliances

Residential/commercial furnaces, boilers, dehumidifiers, water heaters, air conditioners, clothes washers/dryers, dishwasher, freezers, refrigerators, stoves and microwave ovens.

Fee applies.

Yard Waste

The compost bin is located at the Recycling Center for your use. The branch burn pile is located by the lagoons for you to dispose of sticks and branches. This area is open daily for your convenience. Please, no garbage, furniture, carpet, etc. at the brush pile.

The city does not have a place for disposal of cement or other demolition. Dumping of such materials is illegal and subject to fines.

Clay County has a variety of recycling programs that may be of interest to Barnesville residents. Click on the link to find out more about these programs:

For more information on recycling, compost or any other hazardous waste issues, please contact City Hall at 218-354-2292.