City Code

The City of Barnesville has adopted a City Code to guide the operations of the City. The City Code consists of all the ordinances approved by the City Council affecting different aspects of the city. For questions regarding the City Code, contact the City Administrator at 218.354.2292 or

Ordinances Modified date
Title I: City Government 1/22/2015
Title II: Public Utilities 1/22/2015
Title III: Buildings 1/22/2015
Title IV: Business Licenses and Regulations 8/30/2017
Title V: Sidewalks and Driveways 6/25/2021
Title VI: Public Conduct Offenses 1/13/2016
Title VII: Land Use Regulations (Zoning) 1/7/2022
Title VIII: Consolidated Fees, Rates and Charges 8/30/2017
Title IX: Listing of Uncoded Ordinances in Effect 1/13/2016

The ordinances listed below have been adopted by the City Council but have not been incorporated into the actual code. Please contact the City Administrator if there are any questions concerning the ordinances listed.