Water & Sewer

The City of Barnesville is pleased to provide quality water and sewer services to our residents and businesses. 


The City of Barnesville obtains its drinking water supply from three wells. These wells range in depth from 77-86 feet deep and draw from a Quaternary Water Table Aquifer. The water is treated by a 3-cell gravity greensand filter and then pumped out into the system. The average daily pumping rate is around 180,000 gallons in the winter and 380,000 gallons in the summer. Barnesville has an elevated storage tank (Water Tower) capable of holding 400,000 gallons along with an underground tank with a capacity of 90,000 gallons. Barnesville prides itself on providing the best quality water they can to its residents. In 2022 Barnesville’s water treatment plant treated and supplied 80 million gallons of water to 1265 service connections.

Water meters are read monthly. If the meter reader is unable to read your meter, that month’s usage may be estimated or a card will be placed on your door asking you to read the meter. The card must be returned to City Hall, or the reading phoned in, by the 10th of the month in order to avoid paying a penalty.


The City of Barnesville’s wastewater treatment facility serves the population of 2,800 residents, along with commercial customers. The system is made up of underground piping with 3 ancillary lift stations that feed to 1 main lift station. The treatment method is considered a “Pond System” and consists of 96 acres across 5 ponds. All wastewater runs to the main lift where it is then pumped into two 26-acre primary ponds and in time is transferred to 3 secondary smaller ponds. The secondary ponds are monitored and only can be discharged when approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency twice a year. The primary ponds accept on average about 90 million gallons a year.

Residential and Commercial water & sewer customers will also be billed monthly for:

  • MN Clean Water Act $ .53 month
  • Mosquito Control $2.00 month
  • Water, Sewer, and Storm Sewer Replacement Funds $3.51 month
  • Sewer Volume Charges $6.23 month
  • Water Usage Charges $3.41 month

2023 Drinking Water Report