Housing Incentives

Newly Constructed Home:

One of the many advantages of living in Barnesville is the low cost, municipally owned utility systems. To encourage new residential construction, any new home constructed within the Barnesville city limits will receive free installation and hookup for water, telephone and sewer; in addition to free base utility charges for electricity, telephone, water, sewer and garbage for one full year, plus free cable installation and one month of preferred cable service.

As a new homeowner, this means dollars in your pocket. Depending on where in the community you choose to build, your total savings can be up to $1500!

We also offer a 2 year property tax rebate on all new homes built within the city limits on or before December 31, 2024.

Existing Home:

After closing on an existing home, The City would like to welcome you to town by providing you with a $500 credit towards your utilities! Just simply bring your disclosure statement to the EDA Office, email a copy to klauer@bvillemn.net or fax it to (218) 354-7600.

For more information on Housing Incentives, contact EDA Director Karen Lauer at (218) 354-2145.