Building Contractors

In all of Barnesville’s housing subdivisions, interested parties may purchase a building lot and then select the building contractor of their choice, either from within or outside the community. Listed below are building contractors in the Barnesville area who would be happy to talk with you about constructing a new home.

Available Contractors

Bolgrean Construction:

Jason Bolgrean
(218) 329-3061
108 15th Street NE
Barnesville, MN 56514

Heald’s Custom Homes:

Keith Heald
(218) 937-5268 or (218) 329-2769
10561 170th St. S.
Barnesville, MN 56514

Kim Peterson Construction:

Kim Peterson
(218) 329-2201
1006 6th Ave. SE
Barnesville, MN 56514

Labellken Homes:

Jed Peterson
(701) 306-5256
1004 8th Avenue SE
Barnesville, MN 56514

Additional Contractors Who've Built Homes in Barnesville

Adams Development Corporation:

Lanny Baer
(701) 281-2999
Fargo, North Dakota

Benjamin Custom Homes:

Ben Anderson
(701) 388-9172
Fargo, North Dakota

Dabbert Custom Homes:

Jamie Beckous
(701) 205-4979
Fargo, North Dakota

Designer Homes of Fargo Moorhead

Kristen Killoran
(701) 388-7331
Fargo, North Dakota

Hanson Bros.:

Vern Hanson
(701) 235-7971
Fargo, North Dakota

Heritage Homes:

Jenna Nygaard
(701) 281-7184
Fargo, North Dakota

Krueger Construction:

Greg Krueger
(701) 239-0015
Fargo, North Dakota

Raymond Reading Homes:

Raymond Reading
(218) 790-1468
Hawley, Minnesota

Rick Halvorson Construction:

Rick Halvorson
(218) 236-5622
Moorhead, Minnesota

Turn Key Construction:

Cody Abbott
(701) 799-0070
Lake Park, Minnesota