City Cemetery

Barnesville has three cemeteries, all of which are located just west of Barnesville off State Highway 9.

Although it is called “City Cemetery” but has no official standing with the city of Barnesville. Reorganized 25 years ago, it is governed by the Board of Directors of the Barnesville Cemetery Association. The organization relies heavily on volunteer help from the community for beautification and upkeep projects. It is actively involved in fundraising in order to maintain a perpetual care fund. Lot sales are handled by sexton Vern Barker. If you are seeking information regarding the location of grave sites, please contact Vern Barker, Duane Rossett, or any other board member.

Vern Barker, sexton-701 866-8887
Duane Rossett, assistant to sexton – 218 354-7511
Linda Rice, president – 218 354-7560
Diane Nelson, vice president – 218 493-4361
Carol Quinnild, treasurer – 218 493-4395
Sharon Ellefson, director – 218 493-4235
Joanne Halverson, director – 218 789-7248
Karen Carpenter, director – 616 607-9187

Rosemound Cemetery
The Rosemound Cemetery is owned by St. James United Church of Christ. For more information contact sexton Larry Rogers at (218) 493-4206.

St. Mary’s Cemetery
St. Mary’s Cemetery is owned by Barnesville’s Assumption Catholic Church. For more information contact the church offices at (218) 354-7320.