Disc Golf

Barnesville has their very own disc golf course located at Main Avenue West and 4th Street NW, in McGrath Park. This nine hole course is sure to provide a good time!

Reviews of the course:

“This course does have a few trees on a few of the holes, but for the most part it is a wide-open course. There is some OB on a couple of holes and 2 slightly tough pin placements. The baskets and tee signs are decent and there are trashcans everywhere. I felt that the distance variety was good for this course. The 1st hole was actually my favorite on this course just because of the tree navigation.”

“This course offers many unique holes. Most of the shots are short but a few are a bit longer. There are some tight fairways and some open fairways. It would be pretty hard to lose a disc here, as it is pretty open.There is a creek behind one of the holes, though it shouldn’t come into play unless you overshoot by 35 feet. Many different shot opportunities, if you one shot doesn’t work, there’s at least two others you can try the next time. I would recommend this course if you are in the area.”