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Initiating electric service requires a prepay of $50.00. This prepay is applied to your electric bill. Electric meters are read on or about the 1st of the month and bills are sent on the 25th with payment due upon receipt. A 1.5% penalty is applied to accounts not paid by the 15th of the following month. Payment may be mailed in the envelope provided, dropped off, or placed in the drop box in front of City Hall.


Types of Electric Service

Electric rates are changing at the start of the new year, please refer to the table below for more information.

Current Electric Rates
  • Single Phase Residential:
    • Monthly Base Charge: $15.00
    • Energy Charge:
      • September – May: $0.101
      • June-August: $0.120
    • Available to all single residences and also to individual apartment units.
  • Single Phase Commercial:
    • Monthly Base Charge: $18.50
    • Energy Charge:
      • September – May: $0.102
      • June-August: $0.117
    • Available to commercial customers with single phase service.
  • Three Phase Commercial:
    • Monthly Base Charge: $25.50
    • Energy Charge:
      • September – May: $0.102
        • June-August: $0.117
    • This rate is available to all customers with three phase service who have a calculated demand of 20 KW or less.
  • Large Power Three Phase Commercial:
    • Monthly Base Charge: $42.00
    • Demand Charge based on all kw:
      • September – May: $11.40 kw
      • June-August: $15.10 kw
    • Energy Charge (All kwh): $0.052 kw
    • This rate is available to all customers with three phase service with a calculated demand over 20 KW. Billing demand will be the maximum demand as measured during any 15 minute interval during the bill period.
Energy Assistance Program

Energy Assistance Programs are available for Barnesville Municipal Power Customers. Click here for more information.

Bright Energy Solutions Rebates
Would you like to save energy and save money?

We offer rebates for your home or business for energy efficient appliances and equipment.

Making your home more energy efficient can help reduce high energy bills, improve comfort, and protect the environment. The Bright Energy Solutions® program provides cash incentives to help you make those energy-efficient improvements. Go to www.brightenergysolutions.com for more details.

Bright Energy Solutions® is a portfolio of cash-incentive programs that can help your business reduce power costs and operate more efficiently. You can earn rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment, and continue to enjoy the energy savings for years to come. Take advantage of incentives for your businesses at www.brightenergysolutions.com

Dual Fuel Rates and Incentives
Dual Fuel Service Rate:

  • September-May: $.0470 kwh
  • June-August: $.1200 kwh

This rate is available to all customers with a dual fuel heating system controlled by the city’s load management system. To qualify:

  • A heating system must use electricity as its primary source of heat; and
  • The secondary source of heat must be thermostatically controlled and capable of heating the structure to 68° and maintaining that temperature; and
  • The dual fuel load shall be metered separately; and
  • The customer must make a five-year commitment to the program.

An incentive will be offered for all customers converting to a dual fuel system. All potential dual fuel commercial customers will require prior approval of the Telephone/Electric/Cable Board. Guy Swenson, Utilities Manager, can calculate the exact amount of the incentive. Contact him at (218) 354-2292.

A $200.00 one-time payment will be made to the general contractor.

All new dual fuel heating installations are eligible for a 5-year, 6% annual interest loan of up to $2,000.00. This loan will be paid back in equal monthly installments on the customer’s utility bill. Loans for commercial customers will require prior approval by Telephone/Electric/Cable Advisory Board.

Off Peak Incentive Program

Dual Fuel Service Rate:

  • September-May: $.0470 kwh
  • June-August: $.1200 kwh
This rate is available for electric thermal storage (ETS) space heaters, under concrete slab electric heating systems and electric heated liquid filled under concrete slab heating systems. Off Peak Services must be metered separately and controlled by the Cityʼs load management system. Central air conditioners and water heaters do not qualify for the off peak rate.

Water Heater Incentive Program

Receive a $2.00 per gallon rebate for the installation of a new electric water heater with a storage capacity of at least 50 gallons, or $3.00 per gallon for new water heaters with a minimum storage capacity of 80 gallons. Water heaters must be controlled by the city's load management. Demand water heaters without storage do not qualify for this rebate.

Security Lights
Charge per light $12.25 month

Available to all customers for un-metered lights, 200 watts or less, owned, installed and maintained by the City.


Charge per light $24.50 month

Available to all commercial customers for un-metered lights, 200 watts or less, owned, installed and maintained by the City

Bright Energy Choices

We all want to protect the environment. The good news is that currently 62% of the energy which customers receive from Barnesville Municipal Power came from renewable resources including wind, solar and the hydroelectric power plants along the Missouri River. But many people want to do more. Customers may now sign-up for Bright Energy Choices, a program that lets us and our customers support the development of additional energy resources.

If you choose to participate in the program, a small premium of .005 (one-half cent) per kilowatt-hour of energy will be added to 38 percent of your kilowatt-hour usage each month. Learn more on our informational sheet. To sign-up, just complete the application form and return to City Hall. Commercial customers who wish to participate will need to contact TEC Manager Guy Swenson at 218-354-2723.

More info and application:

Bright Energy Choices Flyer

Bright Energy Choices Application

River Winds Wind Energy
By enrolling in the RiverWinds project, customers are supporting efforts to produce “green” energy. These charges are in addition to standard electric charges.

  • One 100 kwh block of power $ 2.00 month
  • Two 100 kwh blocks $ 4.00 month
  • Three 100 kwh blocks $ 6.00 month
Community Solar Garden

The City of Barnesville has constructed a Community Solar Garden on the west side of town just off 2nd Avenue SW, near the Barnesville Community Garden. 

A “community solar garden” is a collection of solar panels shared with customers who don’t want to go to the expense and hassle to install and maintain a solar panel system of their own or customers with shaded roofs or even customers who might be renting an apartment!

Any Barnesville Municipal Power customer can purchase one or more of the solar panels. The cost of each panel is $775. You will receive a monthly credit on utility bill for the energy produced by your panel! In addition, you may even qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit for renewable energy!

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, check out our informational brochure.

If you’re ready to move forward with your purchase of one or more solar panels, click here to download the Ownership Agreement.

With the marvels of technology, residents are able to monitor the electric production of the panels at the Barnesville Community Solar Garden by just clicking on this link - Solar Garden.

If you have any questions, please contact TEC Manager Guy Swenson at 354.2292 or tecmanager@bvillemn.net.

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