2023 Barnesville Area Phone Directory

Telephone services require a $60.00 prepayment which is applied directly to your account. Statements are sent with the combined utility bill on the 25th of the month and are due on the 15th. A 1.5% finance charge will be applied if the balance is not paid in full. We also provide inexpensive Internet access services.

10 Digit Calling Information
Residential Phone Service
  • Service Line (June 1, 2013) $16.00 month
  • Subscriber Line Charge $ 6.50 month
Business Phone Service
  • Local Service* $16.00 month
  • Subscriber Line Charge $ 6.50 month
    • * Multi-line serve available at additional charge
Long Distance

In addition to local phone service, the City also offers long distance services through Barnesville Long Distance. By selecting Barnesville Long Distance as their carriers, customers will receive 14¢ per minute charges for all outgoing calls to anyone in the USA, any time of the day or night. Billing is in 6 second units after a 30 second minimum per call. In addition Barnesville Long Distance customers benefit from additional volume discounts.

Barnesville residents will have a 354 prefix to their long number. Numbers with 493 and 937 prefixes are also considered local calls. All other numbers are long distance.

Barnesville Long Distance
  • Flat Rate 14¢ a minute
  • 60 minute month call plan $ 5.95
  • 200 minute month call plan $ 17.95
  • 350 minute month call plan $ 26.95
  • Plus BLD monthly service fee $ 3.95
Telephone Assistance Programs

Learn more about our Telephone Assistance Programs.