Youth/Adult Activities


Activities abound for youth of all ages. Besides the abundance of school related athletic teams and organizations, most of the churches also have activities. Other opportunities include:

Barnesville Community Education Programs

The mission of Barnesville Community Education is working collaboratively to develop innovative opportunities for all Barnesville learners. Barnesville Community Education offers activities and opportunities for children and youth from Preschool through High School. A wide range of choices are available for all ages including; academics, music, visual arts, health and safety, aquatics, hobbies and craft, recreation and more.

Clay County 4-H Groups

4-H has a project for you or if you can’t find one that interests you, they will help you develop one. Contact 4-H representative Pam Aakre at 937-5500 to find out how you can get involved.

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Barnesville is fortunate to have active scouting programs for boys and girls. For info on Girl Scouts contact Erin Schroeder at 354-7214. For info on Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts call Josh Kadrmas at 354-7199.


There are many ways to contribute to our town and it’s residents by volunteering. Whether it’s being an companion of elderly residents as you drive them to an appointment, helping sack food for families at our Food Pantry, assist with various town events, or actively mentor a child. The opportunities in our town are abundant. There Is always a way to get involved in the community. Check out the attached volunteer brochure for a list of opportunities.

The Barnesville Senior Citizens Center offers a variety of games twice a week along with socialization and refreshments. Speakers are invited occasionally to talk on a particular topic. Senior Citizen Center located at 501 2nd Avenue SE.