Today: June 30, 2015

This week is a busy week! Don’t miss these important events!


Startup GraphicThe Barnesville Economic Development Authority is once again pleased to partner with Stoneridge Software,    DBS Inc. and Crown Appraisals to sponsor the 2nd Annual Spark Your Startup Business Pitch Contest.  If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, you can’t miss this opportunity.  One lucky winner will win $1,000 cash and could be eligible to receive a $10,000 forgiveable loan.  You only have until August 14 to apply so check out all the details today at!

The Barnesville City Council will hold a special City Council Meeting beginning at 6:30 pm in the City Council Chambers.

Did you know that Barnesville has a pickleball court? Pickleball is a low intensity sport similar to tennis, for people of all ages. The tennis courts by Blue Eagle park- located at 4th St. and 5th Ave. NE are now equipped for pickleball. The pickleball court is on the same playing surface as the existing tennis courts. The pickleball courts are outlined in blue, while the tennis courts are outlined in white. Pickleball is the latest craze in our area and it is a great addition to Barnesville!

For more information visit:…/1…/pickleball-plecity.pdf

DSCF0437 (2)

An Aerial Mosquito Control application is scheduled for the City of Barnesville on Thursday, June 25, between 7-11 PM, weather permitting.

These applications have been approved by the FAA and the appropriate state departments. Specially-trained and licensed pilots are assisting in the control of mosquitoes in this area. The mosquito control product is one specifically designed for use in residential areas. It is safe to use and will not harm people, pets, or gardens. However, as an added measure of safety, you may remain indoors while the application is taking place.

Barnesville Cable TV subscribers should note that maintenance work is being done on channels 4, 11 and 41 over the next few days. As a result there will be times that you will experience a loss of signal. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The City of Barnesville Public Works team will be ground spraying for mosquitoes TONIGHT; Tuesday, June 23th between 7-11 p.m. Although the spray is not harmful to people or pets, you may want to go inside when the vehicle comes down your street. Spraying is always weather dependent on rain and wind speeds.

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DO YOU SWIM AT BLUE EAGLE LAKE?  The area treated for swimmers itch last week was in an area from the swimming beach to a line 150 feet to the east and 250 feet north and south. Use caution if you are swimming outside of the treated area.

Have you ever experienced that dreaded loss of Wi-Fi connection while browsing the internet, playing your favorite game, or catching up on Facebook? We all have experienced trouble with our Wi-Fi connected devices at one time or another. Did you know that moving your router, even slightly, could improve your signal? When you pick a spot for your Wi-Fi router, the signal bounces around the rooms of your home. Eventually, though, it will settle in a calm, repeating pattern- much like the surface of a still lake.

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