The City of Barnesville is participating in the Take Jack Back program! Look for the special roll-off next to the Recycling Center that is labeled for pumpkins.  The roll-off will be there through November 14. 
Note that there are some restrictions: Pumpkin items that are NOT compostable: Candles, artificial lighting or any other decorations that are in/attached to the pumpkin including: stickers, ribbons, glitter, paint and candle wax, will need to be REMOVED. These things contain harmful chemicals that DO NOT break down during the composting process. They contaminate the soil and cause many problems for the microorganisms in the soil, farmers and wildlife. First, CUT AWAY sections of the pumpkin that are covered in these items. Next DISCARD them in the trash. Then you can PROPERLY COMPOST the remainder of the pumpkin!    
Through the program,  Clay County, MN has composted over 333,000 pounds (167 tons) with Doubting Thomas Farms since 2016! Doubting Thomas Farms is a fifth-generation organic farm ran by Noreen Thomas and family, along with volunteers and interns. Pumpkins are high in nitrogen helping the growth and production of oats on their farm. Doubting Thomas Farms distributes their organic oats in our community to local businesses!