Barnesville Cable TV Subscribers will notice a rate increase on the bills they receive in March – Economy Basic will be $23.45 and Preferred Basic will be $73.95.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE INCREASE: Barnesville Cable TV is a member of NCTC, the National Cable Television Cooperative. They on behalf of 700 smaller Cable TV systems across the nation, including Barnesville, negotiate prices for all the cable channels. Each year, several contracts come up for renewal and every time they do, the various networks demand higher increases.

Many of these are channels which you as subscribers want to watch – such as the most recent renewal of the NBC Universal Networks Contract, which will be providing coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The City of Barnesville is committed to providing its residents with quality programming at reasonable prices, but each time we see an increase, the City Council is forced to pass on the cost by increasing the cost of Cable TV service.

More information about escalating channel costs and the complexity of negotiations is available at, enter 56514 as your zip code.