Garbage Collection Changes


The City of Barnesville, in partnership with Fuchs Sanitation is excited to announce the change to a new garbage tote system in additional to curbside recycling!

Over the last few years many residents have expressed interest in both of these programs. In 2019, Fuchs worked with the City of Dilworth to launch these programs, which have been very well received by the public.

Earlier this year, when the garbage contract came up for renewal, the Barnesville City Council took action to change to the garbage tote and curbside recycling program.

Beginning later this year, your weekly residential garbage collection will be done with automated trucks. Residents will begin using garbage totes which will be emptied by a garbage truck with an automated arm.

More detailed information will be mailed to you later this Spring, but here are some of the key changes involved with the transition:

  • Each single family residence will receive a new 64 gallon brown Garbage Tote and a new 96 gallon blue Single Sort Recycling Tote in JUNE of this year. You will not be charged for the totes.
  • The change to Garbage Totes and Single Sort Recycling will result in an increase in garbage fees which residents pay on their monthly utility bill. This change will be reflected on the utility bill which you receive at the end of May 2022.
    • Single Family: $23.78 per month
    • Senior Citizens: $22.24 per month
  • After the totes are delivered the schedule for pick-up of the Garbage Totes will change to FRIDAY for all residences in Barnesville.
  • Residents who currently have their garbage picked up in the alley will have their Garbage and Recycling Totes picked up AT THE FRONT of their home behind the curb.
  • The blue Single-Sort Recycling Totes will be picked up every-other Friday. The city will be divided into two zones. You will receive a calendar with recycling tote pick-up dates.
  • The Barnesville Recycling Center will remain open. It is expected that later in 2022 that the recycling dumpsters which are currently located inside the building will be moved outside the building into a fenced area. This change will provide more hours of access for residents.
  • The change will not result in any changes to individuals living in apartment buildings. You will continue to use the dumpsters provided by your landlord and if you wish to recycle you can continue to take your materials to the Recycling Center.
  • Approximately 4-6 weeks before the transition occurs you will receive detailed information about the new program which will include the specific materials which can be placed in the new Single Sort Recycling Totes.

We understand that change is hard and that the increased cost may be challenging to those on a fixed income. 

We do however believe there are a lot of reasons why you will LOVE the new enhancements to the City of Barnesville Garbage collection:

  • The large heavy-duty totes have wheels making it easier to take out your garbage
    every week!
  • You will not be charged for the totes and they are heavy enough that they shouldn’t blow down the street on garbage day!
  • Single-sort curbside recycling makes it easier it recycle – no need to have four different bins and trying to schedule time to get to the Recycling Center when it is open.

This new automated system will encourage homeowners to reduce waste, increase recycling, and continue Barnesville’s efforts for a greener and more sustainable future.

With your participation and cooperation we are confident that the new system will be a success!
More details about the program will be available online at

If you have additional questions at this time, please feel free to contact:

Fuchs Sanitation 218.498.2875

City of Barnesville 218.354.2292