At approximately noon on Thursday, October 13, a Principal with the Barnesville School District notified the Barnesville Police Department that they had recently received an email that threatened violence to students and staff. The email contained specific details, including the time the acts of violence would occur during the school day. In addition to the school district immediately taking precautions, the Barnesville Police Department began coordinating efforts with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office to increase law enforcement presence for the rest of the school day.
With the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s assistance, the Barnesville Police Department identified a suspect responsible for sending the messages. The suspect, a male high school student, was located in the school. Through questioning and assistance of the juvenile’s parents, it was determined the student had no means to carry out the threats and was not a threat to the public.
The student was released to the custody of their parents. The case will be forwarded to the Clay County Attorney’s Office for potential criminal charges. Information regarding the student will not be released, and the case is still considered an open investigation. Questions regarding school procedure and policy should be directed to the Barnesville School District.
The Barnesville Police Department’s mission is to have an active presence in our schools and continues to collaborate with school staff to ensure that student and staff safety remains a priority.
Joel Voxland, Chief of Police; Barnesville Police Department