At approximately 9:50 pm last night, Sunday, August 28th there was a lighting strike in the Barnesville area that caused an outage in the water system. This caused the high service pumps in the towns water system to shut down. Because the water tower is not yet back online, the town lost water pressure. When a system looses pressure it is susceptible for contaminants to enter the system.

Minnesota Department of Health officials will be onsite to test samples Monday morning. Until we receive results back from this test, all Barnesville Water Customers should not drink, brush teeth, or cook with tap water without
 boiling it first. Or use a safe alternative such as bottled water. We will let you
 know when tests show the water is safe to drink and you no longer need to boil your water. We expect to
 have this resolved by Tuesday, August 31st. See Boil Water Advisory details.
More information can be found here:…/docs/com/dwaguidance.pdf