Barnesville Cable TV is committed to providing our subscribers the best in cable tv programming at competitive prices. To do this, we are a member of NCTC, the National Cable Television Cooperative. They, on behalf of 700 smaller cable tv systems across the nation including Barnesville, negotiate prices for all the cable channels.

NCTC is currently in negotiations with AMC Networks concerning renewal of our contract for AMC and BBC America which expires on December 31. At present they are demanding a rate increase that is 350% more than our current agreement and is using the popularity of “The Walking Dead” to push for these higher rates and requiring us to add other channels. We are hopeful that the company will agree to a fair increase before the contract expires at the end of the year. If an agreement is not reached it is possible that channel 29 (AMC) and channel 93 (BBC America) could go black on January 1, 2016.

Walking Dead viewers should know that the first half of the season ended on November 29 and the second half will kick off in February 2016 so customers will NOT miss any new episodes.

To better understand the complexity of AMC negotiations and overall escalating channel costs and other ways to watch these networks’ shows go to and enter 56514 as your zip code.

Watch for updates on the AMC negotiations on the City of Barnesville website and their Facebook page.