Sump pump systems are designed to capture surface or ground water that enters basements or crawl spaces and pump it away from the house. Cross connections (when sump pumps discharge into the sanitary sewer system) are against City ordinance and pose economic and environmental problems.
When a sump pump is connected to a sanitary sewer line, it is called a cross connection. Often, this is a hose leading from the sump to a laundry tub or a floor drain. Water that goes down any drain in your house leads to the sanitary sewer system and eventually ends up at a wastewater treatment plant, where it is treated before being released back into the environment.
When water from your sump pump goes to be cleaned, the “clear water” that has been pumped in with the wastewater also gets cleaned. This is inefficient and costly to do because the “clear water” is already considered to clean. It also overloads Barnesville’s sewer system.
One way to change this is to redirect your sump to either drain directly into the city’s storm sewer, or have the water pumped out towards a street gutter directly onto the ground.