Today: April 25, 2018

Choose Barnesville

Thinking about Moving to Barnesville?


We would LOVE to have your family as part of our community! Lots of young families have chosen to call Barnesville HOME!

  • Every K-12 Student has an iPad
  • NO fear of flooding – no need for flood insurance
  • Residential Building Lots start at just $500
  • 2 Year Property Tax rebate when you build!


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1. Education
2. Kids
3. Parks
4. Neighbors
5. Businesses
6. Housing
7. Convenience
8. Services
9. Fun
10. Opportunity

Choose Barnesville


lenora “We’re a family and the nice thing about it is when something happens and there’s tragedy in a household, they’re right there standing behind you 100%.”
-Lenora Arntson


”The advantages to living in Barnesville are numerous. It’s been so nice to be in a town this size. They have excellent homes for elderly in this town. I think for kids, growing up here is awesome and the schools are wonderful. I just think it’s a great town!”
– Deb Bachman


jane ”It’s a great town to raise a family. The old saying “it takes a neighborhood to raise a child” is really true! We raised 3 boys here, we’ve lived here 39 years and they all have many friends and many connections from the town of Barnesville.”
– Jane Feigum


“We moved here in our retirement to be near the grandchildren. I love the family atmosphere the ability to get involved in all kinds of activities, such as Friends of the Library and the local churches. I love the size and the things you can get involved in.”
– Carolyn Peloubet


tonya We like living in Barnesville because we love the school system with small class sizes and each student, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, gets their own iPad. It’s very safe. We also like the small town atmosphere and we know all our neighbors. It’s just a nice place to live.”
– Tonya Stokka


“My husband and I moved to Barnesville because we were looking for a safe, close knit, friendly community to raise our kids. Barnesville is known as a bedroom community with many spouses working different directions. People are very community oriented and want to make a difference in the place that they live.”
– Leah Baker