Today: April 26, 2018

Roland Holm Biography

Roland.HolmWith Roland’s advocacy, Blue Eagle Lake was dredged in 1985.   ‘Holm Hill’ was built from the sediment, for winter sledding and a year-round observation point.  He enjoyed fishing and worked with the MN DNR to add the Fishing Pier, and releasing fish into the lake for sport and maintaining diversity. Roland was responsible for initiating the addition of lake aerators and using a motorized Lake Weed Harvester to achieve an ecological balance of plants and fish by reducing the accumulation of sediment.

Roland taught Biology and all of the Sciences and some Math classes in Barnesville High School from 1966-2000. He built his home across the street from Blue Eagle Lake. From there he could observe many species of birds that made Blue Eagle Lake their home as well as the many migratory birds

As a Biologist and Educator, he was an advocate for the health of Blue Eagle Lake, a unique asset to our community, providing learning experiences about the natural world.