Today: April 25, 2018

OpenGov Portal

budgetstripeThe City of Barnesville is taking a step toward openness and transparency by launching an online platform that provides access to the City’s budget information, says Finance Director Laurie Schell.

“The platform is powered by OpenGov, a pioneer in creating access to municipalities’ financial records,” she said. “Now, Barnesville residents can have user-friendly access to how taxpayer money is collected and spent.”

The OpenGov platform displays detailed records of municipal spending and collection in a user-friendly portal. Users can view the City’s budgets and explore multiple views of financial data, including by fund, department, expense, or revenue type.

“Visitors to the platform may answer questions such as ‘What type of expenses are paid out of the General Fund?’ or ‘How does the city divide the General Fund among the various departments?’

According to Barnesville City Administrator Michael Rietz, “The platform has a powerful graphic interface that allows for the information to be displayed in a number of ways. Once the data is selected, there are five different charts and graphs from which you can choose to visually represent the data. This makes it easy to choose the graph type that best illustrates the information for the user.”

Other communities across the United States who have used the system indicate that their residents say it is extremely easy to use.

Rietz went on to say, “The OpenGov platform is another way for the citizens of Barnesville to have information at their fingertips that shows how we are using the funds that they entrust us with. Being proper stewards of public funds is something we take extremely seriously, and this platform is a way for citizens to hold us accountable.”

Even citizens with little or no budgeting or financial management experience can look through the material and gain an understanding of the City’s financial picture.

Click here to access the Barnesville OpenGov information.