Today: February 21, 2018

City Council


Regular city council meetings are held in the City Hall at 7:00 PM on the second Monday of each month. The south and east doors are open on council meeting nights. Notices of special meetings are posted in advance on the bulletin board in the west entrance to City Hall.

Items to be included on the agenda must be submitted by the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Citizens may be heard by requesting time on the agenda or simply by being present at the meeting.

Contact your Elected Officials
Barnesville City Council Members

Gene Prim

JR Davis
Ward 1

Betty Strom
Ward 1

don.goedtkeDon Goedtke
Ward 2

David Brown
Ward 2

Jason Rick
Ward 3

brad_fieldBrad Field
Ward 3
Portfolios Holders and Committee Assignments
Admin, Finance & Personnel: Rick & Field
Liquor, Ordinances & Buildings: Brown & Davis
Water/Wastewater: Davis & Goedtke
Streets & Parks: Davis & Goedtke
Police, Fire & Ambulance: Prim & Davis
TEC Advisory Board: Rick & Field
Planning Commission: Goedtke
Airport Advisory Board: Field
Park Board: Strom & Brown
Community Education: Brown
Barnesville HRA: Strom
EDA: Goedtke & Field
WACCO: Strom (Brown – Alternate)
Emergency Operations Director: Davis & Prim
JP Zoning Board: Goedtke & Strom
JP Board of Adjustment: Goedtke & Strom
Libary Board: Strom
Dev. Control Board: Goedtke & Strom
Clay County Collaborative Board: