Today: April 25, 2018

City Staff

The City of Barnesville is committed to open and honest communication with residents, business owners, stakeholders, and staff. Truthful, reliable information is the foundation of this commitment.

We take rumors seriously. When spread unchecked, they chip away at the level of confidence that community members have in their local government and damage morale within the organization.

Submit a Rumor

Have you heard something that sounds too good to be true? Or does the word on the street make your blood boil? Send us what you’ve heard at We’ll track down the truth and post it on this page. (Keep in mind, submissions will be screened and/or formatted prior to posting.)


Rumor:  A liquor store is supposedly being planned for the NW corner of the HWY 34/HWY 9 intersection on the site of the “old Dairy Queen” or somewhere near it.

The Facts:   Any liquor store that would be built in that area would have to be municipally owned.    Unless there is a change to the City Code, any liquor stores within the city limits are required to be city-owned.  Furthermore, according to state law, the County is not allowed to license a liquor store within one mile of the city limits of a city where there is a municipal liquor store.  The City currently has no plans to put a liquor store in that location.


Administrative Contacts

  • City Administrator: Mike Rietz – 354-2292
  • Police Chief: Dean Ernst – 354-2281
  • TEC Manager: Guy Swenson – 354-2292
  • EDA Director: Karen Lauer – 354-2145